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Four Comfort Foods That Can Undo Nightmare-ish Holiday Travel

Travel can take a lot out of you, and there‚Äôs nothing worse than coming home to an empty fridge and a rumbling stomach. Beat those holiday travel woes and return to a comforting (and drama-free) meal delivered right to your door ‚ÄĒ no planes, trains, or automobiles required. Here are our top picks for a […]

Are You A Taco Expert?

We’re putting your taco knowledge to the test. We gathered data about taco and Mexican food orders nationwide, and want to see if you can guess the answers.

What Would Past Presidents Order On Grubhub?

Throughout history, presidents have had the luxury of a staffed White House kitchen, ready at the drop of a hat to whip up a meal worthy of the leader of the United States of America. But what if they had the Grubhub app at the touch of a finger? In honor of choosing a new president for the coming four years, we read up on presidents of the past to guess what they might have ordered if Grubhub were available to them during their glory days.

Aphrodisi-eats for Valentine’s Day

Sure, there are oysters and cherries, but did you know that avocados are an aphrodisiac? Order up these foods on Grubhub to embrace the Valentine’s Day spirit, setting the mood for a romantic meal that your loved one won’t forget.

The Essential Guide To Galentine’s Day

For many, Valentine‚Äôs Day means red roses, a cheesy date, and a box of chocolates. For other‚Äôs, there is Galentine‚Äôs Day. Galentine‚Äôs Day flips traditional Valentine‚Äôs Day on its side. It essentially removes the ‚Äúdates‚ÄĚ, and throws a lot more friends into the mix. We‚Äôve outlined our steps to putting on the best Galentine‚Äôs Day, complete with the perfect Grubhub spread, of course.

6 Recovery Foods That Are Actually Good For You

Who says that the only answer to recovering from a long night out celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is a greasy bacon egg and cheese? We’ve gathered some delicious *and* healthy recovery foods that you can count on to both resuscitate and nourish you in your time of need.

6 Eco-Friendly Restaurants That Deliver

To celebrate Earth Day, we tapped our restaurant community to share some of our partner chefs and owners that are doing their part to keep our planet healthy. Read on to see how some of our partners are making huge strides in sustainable restaurant practices.

7 Favorite Foods Inspired By Mom

We all have a recipe that comes to mind when we think of mom. Whether it’s as simple as waffles in the morning, or as intricate as homemade pad thai, some of the most comforting dishes are inspired by the woman who raised us. Read on to discover some of our restaurants’ stories about dishes on their menus that were inspired by mom’s cooking.

6 Foods That Dads Love

Golf balls, neck ties, grill accessories Рwe all know the stereotypical gifts to get Dad this time of year. Sure those goods might make Dad happy, but if you want to know what will really put a smile on his face, look no further than his favorite foods. We dove into our data to see what dishes dads order more than other people and rounded up some no-fail recommendations to make sure Father’s Day is a success.

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