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Four Comfort Foods That Can Undo Nightmare-ish Holiday Travel

Travel can take a lot out of you, and there’s nothing worse than coming home to an empty fridge and a rumbling stomach. Beat those holiday travel woes and return to a comforting (and drama-free) meal delivered right to your door — no planes, trains, or automobiles required. Here are our top picks for a […]

Are You A Taco Expert?

We’re putting your taco knowledge to the test. We gathered data about taco and Mexican food orders nationwide, and want to see if you can guess the answers.

Staff Picks: What Grubhub Restaurant Are You Most Thankful For?

This thanksgiving we’re thankful for many things – friends, family, health… but our delivery restaurants are high on that list too. We asked our employees in Chicago, San Francisco and New York City which Grubhub restaurants they were most thankful for and this is what they said.

How To Host A Last Minute Friendsgiving With Delivery

All of a sudden everyone is having a Friendsgiving and either you don’t know how to cook or you realized none of your friends are planners. Don’t worry, you can pull off a Friendsgiving like a star by just getting all of the necessities delivered.

5 Ways To Make Your Sandwich Seasonal

‘Tis the season to literally only eat holiday centric foods. But seriously, adding these fall and winter flavors to your sandwich will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

Are Turkey Nachos A Thing? Now They Are

Now please don’t go putting cranberry sauce or stuffing on your chips. We’re talking about a new way to take your leftover turkey and put it to good use. Step 1 through 4 will lead you to turkey nacho nirvana. Step 1: Gather your materials. Have extra turkey? Perfect. Step 2: Find nacho delivery near […]

The Ultimate Spread For A Halloween Dinner Party

Swap out candy for these savory eats and host a dinner party on Halloween night. Bonus — you can get it all delivered. But make sure to have candy handy for when trick or treaters show up — you can order that too!

6 Foods That Dads Love

Golf balls, neck ties, grill accessories – we all know the stereotypical gifts to get Dad this time of year. Sure those goods might make Dad happy, but if you want to know what will really put a smile on his face, look no further than his favorite foods. We dove into our data to see what dishes dads order more than other people and rounded up some no-fail recommendations to make sure Father’s Day is a success.

7 Favorite Foods Inspired By Mom

We all have a recipe that comes to mind when we think of mom. Whether it’s as simple as waffles in the morning, or as intricate as homemade pad thai, some of the most comforting dishes are inspired by the woman who raised us. Read on to discover some of our restaurants’ stories about dishes on their menus that were inspired by mom’s cooking.

6 Eco-Friendly Restaurants That Deliver

To celebrate Earth Day, we tapped our restaurant community to share some of our partner chefs and owners that are doing their part to keep our planet healthy. Read on to see how some of our partners are making huge strides in sustainable restaurant practices.