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6 Recovery Foods That Are Actually Good For You

Who says that the only answer to recovering from a long night out celebrating St. Patrick’s Day is a greasy bacon egg and cheese? We’ve gathered some delicious *and* healthy recovery foods that you can count on to both resuscitate and nourish you in your time of need.

Avocado toast is a well known brunch staple, and you can easily get it delivered. Hearty grain bread provides sustenance and avocado is packed with healthy fats so you can get all of the deliciousness without the guilt. Add chili flakes to sweat out any remaining toxins, plus cheese sprinkled on top for flavor. Order avocado toast near you.

Refreshing and vitamin-packed, an acai bowl is the kind of meal that will give you a boost when you’re feeling lethargic. Add almond butter and some chia seeds for vitamins and you’ll feel your strength coming back faster than ever. Get an acai bowl delivered.

The heartist of salads, a Cobb Salad is full of everything you can imagine, from bacon to eggs to a creamy dressing. It’s like a bacon egg and cheese, but on a salad. All of these decadent toppings hide the fact that you’re actually eating healthy leafy greens underneath. Let it trick you into recovery.

If you’re watching the cholesterol, opt for an egg white omelette loaded with vegetable fillings instead of greasy meats. It will taste even more delicious with the fresh vegetables, and you won’t feel lethargic after gobbling up every last bite. Find omelettes near you.

If all you can stomach is a liquid, order a smoothie that has an almond butter base. It will be thick and filling, but also give you the energy you need to get back on track. Order a smoothie here.

Last but not least, a whole wheat bagel is the key to avoiding the “bagels are bad for you” haters. Whole grains are great for you, plus if you get low fat cream cheese you are cutting the calories while still indulging. Add a avocado or other favorite vegetable to really kick it up a notch. Get a bagel delivered near you, ASAP.

Recovery foods really *can* be healthy!

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