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6 Foods That Dads Love

Golf balls, neck ties, grill accessories - we all know the stereotypical gifts to get Dad this time of year. Sure those goods might make Dad happy, but if you want to know what will really put a smile on his face, look no further than his favorite foods. We dove into our data to see what dishes dads order more than other people and rounded up some no-fail recommendations to make sure Father’s Day is a success.

Chicken parm is a classic, no-frills dish that delivers every time. It might be the lightly fried chicken breast or the melted mozzarella that make this such an appealing dish for dads. Either way, they’re ordering it up 9 times more than other people. So add chicken parm to your Father’s Day order – don’t forget the garlic bread – and Father’s Day dinner will be a hit. Order chicken parmigiana for dad now.

While Chinese food is a go-to for many, dads count this cuisine – and specifically dishes like chicken egg foo young, cold sesame noodles, fried rice, and dumplings – among their favorite. Dads order this combination of eats between 8 and 9 times more than other people. With so many options and hefty portions, Chinese food is great for the whole family to order together and enjoy. Go ahead, order dad Chinese food.

Maybe that barbeque stereotype isn’t so farfetched after all. Turns out, dads are loving chicken and lamb kabobs 8.5 times more than most people. The best part of delivery kabobs? Dad doesn’t have to fire up the grill, he just gets to enjoy the food. Save dad from the grill, order kabobs.

For the men who like it a little spicy, buffalo chicken fingers are a go-to. Dads love this boneless take on the traditional buffalo wing a whopping 8 times more than other people. Mix and match dipping sauces (bleu cheese, ranch, honey mustard) and let dad go nuts. Order buffalo wings now.

Looking for something to go with those buffalo chicken fingers? Turns out, dads have pretty sophisticated palettes and go for truffle fries as their favorite fried spud 8 times more than other people do. Make Father’s Day feel extra fancy by ordering this upscale side. Find truffle fries near you

Celebrate Father’s Day by ordering up a slew of tacos. Not just any tacos will do for dad, though. Go big with tacos al pastor (they’re ordered 8 times more by dads!) and treat your dad to slow cooked pork topped with sweet pineapple. Order tacos al pastor.

Treat dad to his favorites.

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