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The Essential Guide To Galentine’s Day

For many, Valentine’s Day means red roses, a cheesy date, and a box of chocolates. For other’s, there is Galentine’s Day. Galentine’s Day flips traditional Valentine’s Day on its side. It essentially removes the “dates”, and throws a lot more friends into the mix. We’ve outlined our steps to putting on the best Galentine’s Day, complete with the perfect Grubhub spread, of course.

For one night only, it’s all about the gals. Whether you’re single, mingling, or tied down, all ladies will unite in the name of love.

Order food that makes you feel good about yourself, but is also a little indulgent: kale ceaser, french fries and sushi — lot’s of sushi.

Top it off with anything that has the word cake in it — cupcakes, three-layer cake, cake pops — and have it delivered right when the time is right.

You know your ladies — whether you’re a Drake crew or Taylor squad, blast it loud and feel all the single feels.

No Galentine’s Day is complete without a round of ex-bf charades and a rowdy Dirty Dancing viewing.

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