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Aphrodisi-eats for Valentine’s Day

Sure, there are oysters and cherries, but did you know that avocados are an aphrodisiac? Order up these foods on Grubhub to embrace the Valentine’s Day spirit, setting the mood for a romantic meal that your loved one won’t forget.

While many love avocado as a topping to their salad or an ingredient in guacamole, there’s a chance you didn’t know it is in fact an aphrodisiac. Set the mood with some guac, ordered from your favorite Mexican restaurant.

Sure, chocolate is a common Valentine’s Day gift, but mix it in to some cake batter and you’ve got yourself a sweet and decadent treat that is sure to set the mood. Order chocolate desserts near you.

If you’re looking to get things heated up on Valentine’s Day, get some chili peppers delivered, whether they’re mixed in with your General Tsos chicken, or whether you go more mild with the trending dish of grilled shishito peppers.

Get in the mood with these aphrodisi-eats.

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