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What Would Past Presidents Order On Grubhub?

Throughout history, presidents have had the luxury of a staffed White House kitchen, ready at the drop of a hat to whip up a meal worthy of the leader of the United States of America. But what if they had the Grubhub app at the touch of a finger? In honor of choosing a new president for the coming four years, we read up on presidents of the past to guess what they might have ordered if Grubhub were available to them during their glory days.

While the story goes that our first president had a strong association with cherries and cherry trees, according to historians he ate foods more along the lines of mutton, roast beef, turkey, puddings, and jellies. That all being said, if Washington could click open his Grubhub app today, we’d bet he’d be ordering up a rueben, maybe with a spread of fig jelly for an extra fruity kick.

As a New Englander, it is known that John Adams grew up on simple, frugal fare, and later after his travels worldwide, he tasted cuisines from the France, Britain, and the South. This exposure kept his palate varied, so naturally, if he had the option to order in today, he’d probably opt for a fusion pick, like a sushi burrito.

It is known that during his presidency, dairy farmer Colonel Thomas S. Meacham of Sandy Creek, NY, created a massive wheel of cheese to share with the president as a gift of admiration. Jackson allegedly hosted a large party to finish the giant wheel of cheese. Back in the 1800s, they had yet to invent mozzarella sticks, but if we had to predict his modern day order, boy would Jackson be ordering up a massive amount of these. Oh, and he’d absolutely pay cash tip.

Too bad Lincoln didn’t have Grubhub back in the day. A president known for his love of gingerbread, we could have piled a stack of gingerbread cookies so high they’d stand taller than his top hat. If Lincoln were to tap through an order on Grubhub, it would be a massive order of gingerbread cookies.

According to his kitchen staff at the White House, FDR couldn’t resist a grilled cheese. If he were alive today, he’d be blown away with the variety on Grubhub. So, if FDR were to place a Grubhub order today, we’d venture to guess it would be a modern take on the classic — the grilled mac n’ cheese sandwich.

As a Boston native, JFK was a big fan of fish chowder. But in addition, he loved a good ice cream cone. While back in his day, he either had to send someone to an ice cream parlor, or pull out a carton from his freezer. If he had Grubhub, we’re certain he’d be ordering up sundae topped with all the fixings.

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