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6 Eco-Friendly Restaurants That Deliver

To celebrate Earth Day, we tapped our restaurant community to share some of our partner chefs and owners that are doing their part to keep our planet healthy. Read on to see how some of our partners are making huge strides in sustainable restaurant practices.

By using re-usable glass packaging, LeCupboard is working towards becoming a zero-waste establishment. They ask their customers for a refundable deposit and refund them within 5 business days when they give the packaging back. Their efforts in packaging and the food they create aim to help prevent metabolic diseases, protect natural resources and empower food artisans across the globe. Not mention, their meals are 100% plant-based, dairy-free, organic, with zero preservatives or chemicals, they use compostable or reusable/returnable glass packaging when they deliver, and they compost and recycle.

From their food to their packaging, P’unk Burger is committed to keeping our earth happy and healthy. They use plant based plastics for plastic wear, have all ‘green’ containers, and their products are all made of paper and mostly compostable material. Their ingredients are sourced locally and meats are humanely raised. Last by not least, they recycle nearly all materials used in the restaurant, including their fryer oil.

Salud Juice is an all-organic juice bar that uses only glass bottles and has a recycling program with customers where they can return their bottle for credit toward a free juice. They wash, rinse and sanitize the bottles, then put them back into circulation. All of their pulp is composted and sent to local farms, their to-go containers are plant-based and compostable, and they continue to work towards becoming an extremely low waste establishment.

Heartland Cafe in Chicago was initially bought to be the city outpost for their farm, a 49 acre organic fruit and vegetable farm in SW Michigan. They have since developed a 67 point sustainability plan: it covers appliances, utility savings, connection with the community, composting, intentional sourcing and waste reduction. They operate a market, juice bar and restaurant which enables them to purchase organic produce for the store, and rather than waste it, they move the produce from the store, into the restaurant and juice bar. Their sourcing and menu also drive sustainability; they don’t serve beef, as they believe that it is wasteful, so instead they serve grass fed bison. Oh, and don’t forget — all of this is done at a reasonable price so that the community can afford to eat well.

When you hear ‘chicken shack’ you may not initially think of environmental wellness. Think again! Lola’s Chicken Shack received the 2016 Business Efficiency Award from StopWaste.Org, by making simple changes to eliminate waste. They were recognized for eliminating more than 60,000 disposable food service items each year, by replacing single-use plastic water cups with reusable cups, switching from plastic stirs to reusable spoons and offering sugar in bulk dispensers instead of individual packets.

At PlantPure, all of their disposables are compostable, you won’t find a single incandescent lamp in the building, and their offerings are entirely vegan. Their belief is that offering up only vegan options is the highest impact action one can take for reducing global warming. So think twice next time you choose something to eat — you could be helping the earth without even knowing!

We’re proud to partner with these eco-friendly restaurants.

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