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Four Comfort Foods That Can Undo Nightmare-ish Holiday Travel

Travel can take a lot out of you, and there’s nothing worse than coming home to an empty fridge and a rumbling stomach. Beat those holiday travel woes and return to a comforting (and drama-free) meal delivered right to your door — no planes, trains, or automobiles required. Here are our top picks for a comforting post-travel meal.

Mac ‘n’ Cheese

Ooey, gooey mac ‘n’ cheese is a comfort food dream. And research shows that digging a spoon into a warm bowl of mac ‘n’ cheese can take you straight back to the soothing memories of your childhood. Choose a traditional cheddar mac or elevate it with some truffles. Even add bacon if that’s your style. Is it as good as a hug from mom? Maybe not. But it’s definitely a close second.


A comfort food staple around the globe, curry dishes are creamy, customizable and packed with a fiery flavor. Not only do the spices in curry make you feel all warm inside, they also offer numerous health benefits. Swollen feet from carrying a heavy suitcase? The turmeric in curry might reduce inflammation. Nauseated from a bumpy plane ride? Ginger can help with that. Curl up with a bowl of curry and let your body recover.


A bowl of ramen is hot, hearty and full of big umami flavor; and if you’re a super-slurper, you’re not alone. In 2018, there were 100 billion servings of instant ramen sold. What’s one thing that’s easier than making this comforting noodle soup? Ordering it.


When it comes to comfort food, salad is a dark horse, but there are elements that make it the perfect post-travel dish. Whether you’re craving vegetables after a week of indulgent eating or you’re in it for the crunchy toppings, there’s no wrong way to order. Keep it simple or make it crazy — the bowl is in your hands.

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