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Five Foods for a Fresh Start

New Year’s Eve might have been, erm, rough, but now it’s a fresh new year! Whether you’re looking to start a new fitness routine, improve your energy levels or avoid a winter cold, foods with lean protein, whole grains, antioxidants and healthy fats can help you achieve your goals. Pre-order these tasty dishes, use them […]

4 Easy Swaps for a Healthy Family Dinner

After a crazy day filled with non-stop meetings and non-stop emails, a nice dinner with the family is all you need. Giggles from the kids and a sweet smile from your partner to calm your nerves and wash away the workday. But the minute your kids see a salad on the table instead of fries, […]

Still Thinking About How Much You Ate on Thanksgiving? Order These Healthy Bites.

Last week it was Thanksgiving — a day where we gave thanks for our family, friends, and all that is good in the world. It was also a day where we packed our plates with egregious amounts of turkey, mashed potatoes and maybe…a smattering of pies and baked goods. It all seemed SO right at […]

Which City Should You Live In Based On Your Healthy Lifestyle?

We partnered with ClassPass to find out which cities are staying active and eating healthy as we begin 2017. Take the quiz to find out which city you belong in based on your workout and eating preferences.

4 Acai Bowls To Order This Week

Call yourself an acai aficionado? Give these variations a try this week to kick start your breakfast. Getting them delivered is easier than you think.

### First off, what is acai?
Acai berries come from acai palm, a species of palm tree that is native to South and Central America. However, you might be more familiar with this flavor in a blended form. This is because the berries are harvested and then blended with ice to create a thick, fruity paste. This is the base of the acai bowls you know and love. But the best part, if you ask us, is the way you top it.

Stock Up On These Can’t-Miss Superfoods

Often, our day-to-day lives can get hectic and interfere with our daily diet. But sometimes, secret superfoods can sneak in when we weren’t even trying. Here are some of the best foods we’re already eating, and how they’re helping us stay healthy.

6 Eco-Friendly Restaurants That Deliver

To celebrate Earth Day, we tapped our restaurant community to share some of our partner chefs and owners that are doing their part to keep our planet healthy. Read on to see how some of our partners are making huge strides in sustainable restaurant practices.

Master Clean Eating With Takeout

Depending on the city you live in, there might be more to takeout than just pizza and Chinese food. In fact, we’re willing to bet that in some of your cities, there are juice shops, acai bowl bars, and gluten free options that you had no idea you could get delivered. Here are just a few of the healthy eats you can get delivered, plus a few tips on how to keep yourself on track.

What’s In Season On Grubhub?

With spring in full bloom, we’re looking to some of the tastiest fruits and veggies that are finally back in season to guide our ordering decisions. Check out these eats you can order on Grubhub, made from the season’s best.

6 Energizing Foods To Kickstart Your Week

Looking to get your week started on a healthy foot? These dishes all contain nutrient-rich ingredients that will keep you feeling energized for the week ahead. The best part is that you can get them delivered.