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Stock Up On These Can’t-Miss Superfoods

Often, our day-to-day lives can get hectic and interfere with our daily diet. But sometimes, secret superfoods can sneak in when we weren’t even trying. Here are some of the best foods we’re already eating, and how they’re helping us stay healthy.

No matter how you cook it, there’s no mistaking that this fish is great for you; from depression to heart disease, salmon has multiple vitamins and nutrients to nourish us in between mealtimes.

Chock-full of minerals, fat-soluble vitamins and essential fatty acids, our breakfast go-to truly is a super-food. The yolk, which can get a bad rap, is a great source of lean protein and omega-3 fatty acids, a fact that could even sway yolk-deniers to try this delicious part.

Perfect as a sweet snack, or a light touch to a bigger meal, the ellagic acids in raspberries pack a punch against cancer, and blueberries naturally make our hearts happier. Squeeze out all the goodness berries have to offer with your next meal.

Multiple varieties of beans means that we’ve always got the opportunity to add some extra iron and protein into our meals. Navy beans add up to 7 grams of fiber per serving, and lentils don’t fall far behind, and we all know, vegetarians especially, that they’re all delicious.

Whether we’re adding them to a salad, or adding extra to our pad thai orders, keeping or having nuts in your dishes helps lower cholesterol, leads to better heart health, lowers cancer risk, and even helps to control weight. That’s a garnish, we can get down on.

Regardless of your flavor choice, brewed tea can help you fight the good fight against Alzheimer’s and diabetes. Flavonoids, the specific kind of antioxidant found in tea, is responsible for these health benefits, so drink up, it’s teatime!

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