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Still Thinking About How Much You Ate on Thanksgiving? Order These Healthy Bites.

Last week it was Thanksgiving — a day where we gave thanks for our family, friends, and all that is good in the world. It was also a day where we packed our plates with egregious amounts of turkey, mashed potatoes and maybe…a smattering of pies and baked goods. It all seemed SO right at the time, but regrets just creep back up on you after spending 14 hours in a tryptophan-induced sleep. #turkeysnooze

Anywho…it can be very easy to snuggle up with a massive bowl of fettuccine bolognese and a side of mozzarella sticks in the chilly days (and weeks) following this indulgent holiday…but why not go the road less traveled and eat clean?

Order in these healthy bites on Grubhub to get a jumpstart on that whole “new year, new you” thing people always talk about.

Power Bowl, Grains

Power bowls

A heartier alternative to your typical salad is what many restaurants refer to as a “power bowl.” These often start with a healthy, yet filling base like quinoa or farro, but are DIY like your favorite bowl of greens. Pick your protein, toppings and a dressing/sauce to top it all off…sound familiar?

Green Juice/Smoothie

Some might be of the school of thought that if you can drink it…is it even really food? But, if you get the right juice/smoothie, it can undoubtedly fill you up at mealtime. Get your leafy greens on — think: kale, spinach — but make sure it’s paired with a fruit like green apple or banana that will give it an added layer of drinkability. (Otherwise…veggie overload.) Green juices are a great way to kickstart your metabolism in the morning or when you’re looking for a lighter lunch.


Freshly-caught diced fish (notably tuna and salmon) is laid atop a layer of rice or zoodles (for the non-purists), and beautifully arranged alongside nutrient-rich vegetables like edamame, seaweed and avocado. Top everything off with a drizzle of dressing and you have a poke bowl that will fill you up for lunch or dinner. (Never tried it? Learn how to order it like a pro.)

Kale, Salad

Leafy Green Salad

Sure, this might be stating the obvious…but you can’t go wrong by ordering a salad. Instead of the mundane iceberg or romaine, give the kales and arugulas of the world a try. If you’re fully committed to making this a healthy salad…try out a lighter dressing like balsamic vinaigrette or simply olive oil and a squeeze of lemon.

Get your healthy on.