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4 Easy Swaps for a Healthy Family Dinner

After a crazy day filled with non-stop meetings and non-stop emails, a nice dinner with the family is all you need. Giggles from the kids and a sweet smile from your partner to calm your nerves and wash away the workday. But the minute your kids see a salad on the table instead of fries, everything hits the fan. There’s yelling, negotiating and a mini food fight. 

To keep your family dinner from turning into a wrestling match, here are some healthy swaps that are just as delicious as your usual go-tos but a lil’ better for you.

Chicken Skewers for Chicken Nuggets

Bring a popular Korean street food to the table instead of fried chicken nuggets. Chicken skewers are perfectly grilled and can be just as much fun to each as nuggs. Small chunks of mouthwatering meat sit on top of one another—ready to be savored. Sneak some grilled veggies into the mix for an extra dose of healthy. The grilled touch might change your kid’s mind about good ol’ greens.

Edamame for Mashed Potatoes 

Give mashed potatoes a break and watch your family fall in love with mashed edamame. The young, immature soybean is full of nutty and buttery flavor. Pureed edamame is a great addition to any healthy family dinner and a creative swap for typical mashed potatoes. It’s packed with protein, fiber and all kinds of vitamins. We’ve even heard that edamame can help lower cholesterol. But don’t tell your kids that.

Zoodles for Pasta

What are zoodles, you ask? Well, they’re a fun way to say zucchini noodles! They’re like pasta, but with fewer carbs, less grain and more nutrition. So you can basically eat ‘em guilt-free. Plus, your kids will get that extra helping of veggies without even knowing it. Go ahead and get your sneaky on.

Sweet Potato Fries for French Fries 

Not gonna lie, french fries are our fave. Dipping them into sweet bbq is our go-to exercise. But when we’re looking for something similar, that’s ready to be dunked and packed with healthy stuff, sweet potato fries are what we go too. Filled with vitamin A and potassium to help lower blood pressure and help build a good immune system, sweet potato fries are a healthier option for family dinner.

That’s the lowdown on healthy alternatives. Go tackle family dinner.