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I Tried Eating Healthy With Delivery And It Worked

We tapped SF-native Tiffany Wang to try out Grubhub for a week and tell us what happened. The challenge: can you order a week’s worth of delivery and eat truly healthy foods? Read on to see what went down.

After a long day at work, the last thing I want to do is go grocery shopping and prep food. But sadly, I usually opt for pizza, Indian curry or Pad Thai when ordering takeout, which don’t exactly make for the healthiest lunch or dinner.

So imagine my surprise when I was recently perusing the Grubhub app, and found many more clean food options than I’d expected. Which got me thinking: could I eat healthy lunches via Grubhub for an entire work week? The challenge was on!

MONDAY: Park Gyros

I adore Mediterranean food and how light it is, so I decided to ease into the week with a lamb and beef gyro salad and Greek salad. Both salads come with pickled beets, olives, tomatoes, cucumber, feta, lemon juice and olive oil dressing – yum! See the options here.

TUESDAY: Poke Origin

Poke shops have been popping up all over San Francisco this past year, but Poke Origin is one of my faves. They give seriously generous helpings of fresh fish (I LOVE their ahi tuna and spicy tuna) and a wide variety of toppings including edamame, jellyfish and low-carb kelp noodles (you can choose up to 18 ingredients without any additional charge). Check out the menu here.

WEDNESDAY: Nourish Café

I was craving something sweet so I ordered an acai bowl from Nourish Café, a super cute vegan restaurant. The granola and coconut flakes were packed on the side so they wouldn’t be soggy – super smart! Order one here.

THURSDAY: La Boulangerie

I know there are tons of decadent pastries at La Boulangerie, but it turns out they’ve got a great salad selection, too! I was torn between the Marina egg white sandwich on a whole wheat croissant and the baby kale salad, so I ended up getting both! See their killer menu here.

FRIDAY: Lite Bite

I’ve been dying to try this healthy gourmet food market, so I was excited to find them on the Grubhub app! I was recovering from a long night out on this particular morning, so I ordered the Recover cold-pressed juice (with celery, apple, parsley, kale, lemon, romaine and ginger), the chicken enchilada with organic quinoa and corn, and the turkey meatballs with organic grilled polenta. See the menu here.

The Verdict

It was a lot easier to find healthy takeout options than I thought! Granted, I live in San Francisco, the land of clean eats, but I was surprised to find everything from green juice to avocado toast available a click away!

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