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Smoothies Are The Perfect Back To School Delivery Choice

Back to school time is crazy for kids and parents alike. The fast pace of the season calls for on-the-go eats — and we recommend smoothies. Get a variety of flavors for picky eaters, make sure everyone gets their fruits and veggies, and provide a sweet treat that’s going to give the kids a vitamin boost at the same time.

Get some smoothies delivered the night before so you can have them at the ready in the AM before the kids head off.

Cheers to a refreshing breakfast!

Skip the panic of preparing after school snacks and preorder smoothies an hour before pick up. They’ll be waiting at your door when you pull up.

After school snacks, delivered.

Top off a long day of practices and homework with a smoothie order to surprise the family.

Replace ice cream sundaes with fruit and veggie-packed smoothies.

Give smoothies a try this Fall.

Order smoothies here

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