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5 Pumpkin-Packed Desserts to Order Instead of Pie

We can all agree that pumpkin pies are great. No ifs, ands, or buts about it. Chefs cook ‘em up. Grannys bake ‘em. And influencers show ‘em off on their beautifully curated Instagram profiles.

But there’s more to pumpkins than just becoming decadent pies. Check out this list of our other fave pumpkin-flavored desserts.

Fall Faves: The Season’s Top-Ordered Foods

Fall’s kind of a drag. There’s the dead leaves, unpredictable weather and impending doom that winter is right around the corner. To help you get through this three-month-long period of “meh”, here’s a list of our top-ordered fall foods.

How Do You Like Them Apples? Here Are Our Fave Apple Dishes.

Sweater weather has made its debut! Which means you probably have a looonnnggg list of fall-themed things to do, like snuggling up on the couch with your cat or posting “vineyard” photos that are really just pictures of your backyard.

No matter what you plan on doing, tasting fresh apple dishes should be at the top of your list. ICYMI, they’re peaking right now. So here’s a list of ‘em for you to try.

Here’s What’s in Season: The Ideal Pies to Order During Fall

From summer to winter, pies are the perfect, year-round dessert. But as the seasons change, so should your pie selection. These baked beauties are best when filled with hyper-seasonal ingredients. And whether you want just a slice for yourself or an entire pie to feed the whole family, skip the messy baking and order in.  […]

Our Five Favorite Restaurants Embracing Fall Veggies

Now is the time to embrace fall and all the delicious vegetables that come with the season. Brussel sprouts? Yep. Sweet potatoes? Yep, them too. Squash? Now you’re getting wild — but we’re into — and yes, also them. These flavorful, exciting fall vegetables also tend to be a bit more complex when it comes […]

5 Ways To Make Your Sandwich Seasonal

‘Tis the season to literally only eat holiday centric foods. But seriously, adding these fall and winter flavors to your sandwich will make you feel all warm and fuzzy inside.

How To Make Your Soup Order A Meal

The biggest winter food hack you can discover is ordering soup. But don’t stop there! If you think that a carton of soup won’t fill you up, check out these pointers to ensure you get your fix *and* your fill!

10 Trending Dishes For November

November trends are in! According to our data, these are the foods that are rising into popularity and are sure to make it into your order history this month. Give them a try to embrace the season — everything from hearty mexican dishes to soups, these are some meals that are sure to satisfy you this month.

The Ultimate Spread For A Halloween Dinner Party

Swap out candy for these savory eats and host a dinner party on Halloween night. Bonus — you can get it all delivered. But make sure to have candy handy for when trick or treaters show up — you can order that too!

Ditch Apple Picking And Order These Apple Foods

We all have those lofty goals of heading out to the apple orchard but sometimes it’s tough to actually make it happen. If this sounds like you, opt out of the excursion, pop in a movie or pick up a book and order some of these apple dishes to get your fix.