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How Do You Like Them Apples? Here Are Our Fave Apple Dishes.

Sweater weather has made its debut! Which means you probably have a looonnnggg list of fall-themed things to do, like snuggling up on the couch with your cat or posting “vineyard” photos that are really just pictures of your backyard.

No matter what you plan on doing, tasting fresh apple dishes should be at the top of your list. ICYMI, they’re peaking right now. So here's a list of ‘em for you to try.

Named after the Waldorf Astoria Hotel in NYC, where it was first shown off at a charity event there, this dish combines crunch and sweetness to create a sensational salad that’ll hit the spot.

Every bite of crust, cheesecake, apple filling and oatmeal crumbs will take you to cloud nine. Your legs will shake, eyes will roll and your belly will beg for more.

Order ‘em up for brunch, dessert or pretty much anytime you’re in the mood for a treat. Warm apple filling wrapped up in a crepe is the most inviting apple dish you’ll ever bite into.

Yeah, it’s cold-ish outside. But that shouldn’t stop you from enjoying a frozen snack. The sun may be M.I.A., but your cravings haven’t gone anywhere.

If you’re all about that healthy life, then this is perfect for you. Go for a nice jog and enjoy the dying leaves, then recharge with a blend of fresh fruit.

Let's go apple picking!