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Our Five Favorite Restaurants Embracing Fall Veggies

Now is the time to embrace fall and all the delicious vegetables that come with the season. Brussel sprouts? Yep. Sweet potatoes? Yep, them too. Squash? Now you’re getting wild — but we’re into — and yes, also them.

These flavorful, exciting fall vegetables also tend to be a bit more complex when it comes to preparation. Why not leave it to the restaurants below who are experts in fall produce? Read on to see some of our favorite veggie-packed fall dishes you can order while the going’s good.

Dig Inn:

This trendy, yet healthy fast-casual spot touts itself as serving “vegetable-forward food” all year round. Dig Inn always finds a way to tastefully weave in seasonal vegetables (and fruits) so subtly that you might miss them. What do they have on the menu right now that just epitomizes fall (aside from the omnipresent kale)? Roasted sweet potatoes, grilled matsu apples and spiced farro with butternut squash.  Pair them with a protein (like organic tofu or naturally-raised flank steak) and let fall come to you.

Just Salad:

At this salad chainlet — located in NYC, Chicago and Philadelphia — you can top your vegetables…with more vegetables. The “sweet valley” salad embraces the season with roasted pumpkin seeds and sweet potatoes, alongside romaine, goat cheese, avocado and a hard boiled egg. Just Salad also boasts reusable bowls and 10 items under $10…so you can help out the earth and your wallet.


Haven’t heard of this place yet? Well, glad we got it on your radar. They too have a seasonal salad on the menu that’s a must-try: the spiralized beet caesar. It features golden beet noodles (uh, what? delicious), kale, bartlett pears, candied pecans and a rosemary caesar dressing. Sign us up. You can find hg in Chicago as well as on the east coast in Baltimore, D.C., New York and Philadelphia.

Tender Greens:

With dozens of locales in California, and a few sprinkled in Boston and NYC, Tender Greens embraces each individual location, but using local ingredients. Out in Cali, you’ll find the serrano grilled shrimp bowl. If you look closely, you’ll notice some fall favorites sneaking their way in: autumn squash and cabbage and brussels sprout slaw. On those chilly fall days, Tender Greens still has you covered with a hearty, rustic chicken soup packed with Yukon gold potatoes, carrots, celery, leeks and thyme.

Veggie Grill:

Veggie is in the name…so you know this place has come to play hardball. Fall sides like crispy brussels sprouts and cauliflower are featured, along with the rustic farm bowl loaded with roasted yams, mushrooms and farro. And yes, VG even has a pumpkin spice cake for dessert. What’s that sound? Oh, it’s just the leaves gently falling off the trees.

Ready to yam out?