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Pump, Pump, Pump(kin) It Up

The pumpkin spice latte has made its warm way into our hearts for years and it’s safe to say we’ve grown accustomed to the spicy sweetness this signature pumpkin beverage provides. So now, it’s time to branch out and mix up your pumpkin palate with some new and equally delicious pumpkin dishes.

This Indian fare is the perfect savory segue into non-traditional pumpkin consumption. The updated version of this flour-based flatbread is a delicious twist on this well loved dish.

Spicy tuna, salmon avocado, pumpkin roll. One of these things is not like the others. While you may not peg pumpkin as the perfect pair when it comes to sushi, you’re in for a pleasant surprise. This gourd makes for a seasonal sushi roll that both meat and non-meat eaters look forward to. So, skip the sweet potato and grab this limited time addition to sushi menus near you.

This classic dish can only be enhanced by the savory sweetness pumpkin provides. Some versions swap out coconut milk for a creamy pumpkin puree. And yes, it’s as great as it sounds.

Creamy and warm, there is nothing about pumpkin soup that doesn’t satisfy us. Spice it up with hot sauce and make it the perfect cold weather meal to warm up with.

Pasta and pumpkin go together like peas and carrots. Add some creamy vodka sauce and you’ve got yourself a meal that will make you wish it was fall all year.

You’ve tried corn and flour versions, so it’s time to flip things around. This Mexican favorite gets a smoky makeover thanks to pumpkin-based tortillas.

Embrace the season.

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