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How To Make Your Soup Order A Meal

The biggest winter food hack you can discover is ordering soup. But don’t stop there! If you think that a carton of soup won’t fill you up, check out these pointers to ensure you get your fix *and* your fill!

Go for the medium or large size — you’ll definitely finish it.

If you’re hungry, choose to size up with your soup. You’ll be happy you did when you hit the bottom of the carton!

If you’re hungry, go hearty.

Soups can vary from light and brothy to meaty and hearty. If you’re feeling particularly hungry and want to make things more meal-like, opt for a chili or a tomato bisque. These will be heartier and more filling than a chicken broth based choice.

Add on a side sandwich or a salad.

This is where things get serious. If you want to truly make it a meal, add a half sandwich or half salad combo. This is the best way to make things feel rounded out while still getting your soup craving satisfied.

Always ask for bread or crackers.

Bread on the side? Crackers to sprinkle in? You bet. And if you change your mind when they arrive, you have a snack for later. Win, win.

Go wild — get a drink too!

Last but not least, make it a true meal with a tasty beverage because more likely than not, you deserve it. Try a smoothie or fresh juice, which can even be meals by themselves!

And there you go, soup just became a meal!

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