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7 Reasons To Get Excited For Fall Food Delivery

We don’t know about you but fall is our favorite season. When fall hits, we’re all of a sudden ready to give up on the madness of summer and cash it in for some cozy slippers, thick scarves, and afternoons spent watching the leaves fall from the living room couch. The best complement to any fall moment is ordering food from your favorite local restaurants. Here are some reasons why you should be very excited for fall food delivery.

Rainstorms are all of a sudden a blessing.

Whereas in the summer you are still expected to head out and seize the day in the humid summer rain, when it is raining in the fall you’re allowed to just cozy up at home and order in.

Dropping temperatures = ramen.

Soup season is BACK! And we’re especially looking forward to a big bowl of ramen. The hearty noodles and the steaming hot broth are the perfect remedy for the seasonal shift.

Online shopping for holiday gifts goes great with delivery.

While skimming sales for your loved ones, order your food and get it delivered so you stay in the zone with your browsing. Also check out our gift cards.

Date nights and get togethers are a no brainer — and really delicious.

Trade those picnics and BBQs for simple, cozy living room hangs where you order everyone’s favorite food. Bonus points if you have a fireplace roaring.

Oh heck yes, bring on the pumpkin themed foods.

Check your local restaurants for updated menus. Favorites like pumpkin bread, pumpkin ravioli, pumpkin lattes and more are about to hit the scene — and we cannot wait.

We deliver whole apple and pumpkin pies, FYI.

When in doubt, just order up a pie. It could be for a last minute dessert need at a party or just for a party of one.

Delivery was made for cozy pajamas and movie marathons.

Bottom line, if you aren’t cozying up in your PJS, watching movies and ordering delivery, do you even know what fall is?

Welcome to fall.

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