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7 Winter Dishes Transformed For Summer

Shed the hearty mac n cheese and hop over to pasta salad. The time has come to makeover your winter favorites for lighter choices. Here are our top picks for summerlicious eats, which you can get delivered right to your air conditioned home.

Mac-n-Cheese to Pasta Salad

When the sun comes out, the hearty meals fade away with the winter season. Trade in warm and cheesy mac for a refreshing cool pasta salad. You can still get your pasta on without having to endure the heat and heaviness of a cheesy dish.

Mole Enchilada to Fish Tacos

While we love mole sauce, the chocolate-based sauce is a rich eating experience. To still get your Mexican cuisine on but keep things light and crisp in the summertime, turn to fish tacos.

Grilled Cheese to Caprese Salad

Don’t worry cheese lovers — if you have to trade in grilled cheese until the snow comes back, turn to caprese salad! With beefsteak tomatoes and basil leaves joining fresh mozzarella, caprese salad is a refreshing and seasonal take on a cold weather favorite.

Sweet Potato Pie to Sweet Potato French Fries

Sweet potatoes have found a way into our diets year round. Trade a slice of sweet potato pie for sweet potato fries and call it a summer day.

Oats to Acai

Warm and cozy oats make the switch to a fruity, sweet acai bowl for the summer. Wake up with this blend of acai berries topped with granola and grains.

Chicken Pad Thai to Thai Lettuce Wraps

Remove the noodles from your pad thai and enjoy the chicken and veggies in a crisp lettuce cup. Lettuce wraps give you all the Thai flavors you’re craving without the noodles.

Hot Soup to Gazpacho

If you’re a soup lover, don’t worry about having to sip scalding hot cups in the heat of summer. Switch over to gazpacho, which takes your favorite soups and chills them down.

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