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Natti Natasha Helps Us Support Local Restaurants

Here’s some good news. Our team-up with the Restaurant Strong Fund is thriving! Together, we’re continuing to help restaurant owners and workers who were impacted by Covid-19. Customers like you can contribute too by donating your change at checkout. The money raised helps create grants that restaurants can use to rebound from the pandemic. This […]

How To Order Ramen Like A Pro

With hundreds of regional specialties, different kinds of noodles, and the big question of which broth, we’re outlining how to order the right ramen for you. Then you can brag about your ramen knowledge to your friends. You’re welcome in advance.

Grubhub Announces Driver Grant Program Recipients

Back in December, we announced our Driver Grant Program — an initiative that supports drivers who are creating meaningful change in their communities through education, civic engagement, and philanthropic work. Since applications first opened, we received submissions from delivery partners across the country who allowed us a glimpse into their lives and their passions for […]

Ravioli, Ranked

Here are 5 of the top varieties of ravioli ordered on Grubhub this year and our unsolicited opinions of each.

Tacombi Community Kitchen and the GCRF

The organization, which prepares and distributes wholesome meals to people in need, has received support from the Grubhub Community Relief Fund (GCRF) which has helped them increase the number of meals donated each week by 30%.

Grubhub Celebrates Black History Month

By ordering from a Black-owned restaurant and donating your change at checkout to the Feed the Soul Foundation, you can help celebrate the diverse culinary traditions of our restaurant partners and support Black entrepreneurs.

Slurp Up Some Good Vibes

Here’s how our friends are using Grubhub to help them live more well-balanced lives.

Why Mealtimes Are Key to Our Self-Care Routines

By Marah Lidey & Naomi Hirabayashi, co-founders and CEOs of Shine

Introducing Grubhub+

Get rewards on repeat with a membership service that gives you access to the food you crave with unlimited free delivery, Elite Care and more. Introducing Grubhub+.

5 Tips and Tricks for Family Meal Planning

Master the art of meal planning with these easy Grubhub tips.