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So, What Was The Food Of The Summer?

Summer is the best. It’s packed full of long weekends, beach days, sunny weather, and best of all — some of the most delicious food there is. Throughout summer we highlighted a few of our predictions of summer food trends, everything from poke to turkey sandwiches to cheesecake bites. We pulled the data, and the verdict is in. The official food of summer was....

A grilled chicken burrito!

We’re not surprised. Burritos being part of the Mexican cuisine family lend themselves well to hot weather and beach vibes. Not to mention they are easy to take on-the-go. They were ordered almost 2 times more than usual over this summer, which goes to show that grilled chicken burritos were officially the food of the summer.

The runner ups include a few handful of summer food favorites:

Pretzel Bite

Poke Bowl

Chicken Fingers

Strawberry Shortcake

Give these top foods of the summer some love in the last few days of the season. Order them below.

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