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A Food Road Trip Down Route 66

Not traveling across the country this summer? Have no fear. We have rounded up the best dishes inspired by the cross country journey, that you can enjoy from the comfort of your couch.

From Texas all the way to California, tacos are a popular pick. Find some near you.

You’re driving through the heart of the south — obviously we’re going to be eating BBQ. Find BBQ near you.

Don’t knock the traditional road side bite of a classic deli sandwich. Indulge in your favorite sandwich here.

Where there’s life, there is pizza — ol’ faithful of foods. Pizza near you, right this way.

From Krispy Kreme to homegrown shops, there will be doughnuts. Let there be doughnuts.

As you inch closer to the west coast, you’re gonna want to try some Thai restaurants. Find Thai food near you.

Eat like you’re road tripping down Route 66

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