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8 Bite-Sized Foods To Get Delivered

Life is better bite-sized. Try these small versions of your favorite foods — and get 'em delivered!

Bite into a piece of cheesecake without the hassle of an entire slice.

It’s like a steaming hot cast iron of mac n cheese, just packed into a bite.

Instead of picking off a giant pretzel, just treat yourself to a box of these bite-sized salty snacks — don’t forget a traditional side of sauerkraut.

Risotto is amazingly delicious — and risotto balls are that amazing deliciousness deep fried.

Dip ‘em into some hot marinara sauce and call it a day.

When a large cupcake seems like too much, just eat 4 (or 10) mini cupcakes instead.

Oh-yes-they-did put the cream cheese inside the bagel. These are a must-try.

They used to come out of a box but now they’re made fresh and delivered to your door.

Get down with these bite-sized foods.

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