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Will The Solar Eclipse Make You Hungry?

The short answer is, yes. Read on to learn why.

On August 21, 2017 around 10am PT, the United States is going to experience a solar eclipse. Why is it so special? Because a direct line across the US will experience a total solar eclipse. This means that the sun and the earth are aligned perfectly where the moon covers the entire surface of the sun to create a spectacular glow — in the middle of the day. A sheen falls over the buildings or the hills you see in the distance, your eyes focus in on the fiery edges of the sun as it radiates (with protective eyewear of course), and you feel some serious feelings.

Oh and also, did you know that in any given place on earth, a totality appears only one time every 375 years? Think about it like this — if there happens to be cloud cover, you’re going to have to mark your calendar for another 375 years. Bottom line, you don’t want to miss this. So what’s going to happen when the eclipse takes place? During the moment of totality — the time when the sun is completely blocked — you’ll feel some sensations from the solar emissions, invisible and visible, happening right in the middle of the day. So yes, if you’re in the path of totality, you’re going to be feeling a lot of #feels.

But what about those of us who aren’t in the path?

We’re still going to see partial eclipses. This means we’re not going to see the full moon cover the sun, but we are going to see slivers of the activity. Feelings will also be felt by these viewers. The vision is truly spectacular.

So will all of this make you hungry? The answer is absolutely. But why?

During an eclipse, the moon takes over. The moon historically has lots of power and control over behavior, rhythm and more. This might mean your cravings will begin to take over — or you’ll even find yourself wanting a midnight snack in the middle of the day.

But how about the inspiration from the movement of the eclipse? Base on our foodie knowledge, when you see an eclipse, there is a high likelihood you will begin to crave a few different kinds of foods.

As the total eclipse begins to form, you may see visions of pizza.

If you’re witnessing a partial eclipse, you could begin to crave empanadas or a calzone.

Don’t forget to wear your protective eyewear.

Regardless of your location, the circular nature and the heat is going to have you craving everything from doughnuts to cookies to sushi to pizza.

If the mood strikes, we’ll be here ready.

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