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8 Ways To Enjoy Your Pickup Order

Summer is the season of moving slow, enjoying the weather and dying to get out of the office during your lunch break. Ordering your food for pickup makes it super easy to do all of the above. Turn your lunch break into an outing and bring your favorites eats to all of your summer activities. You might be surprised that your pickup order can turn just an average meal time into some summer fun.

Take advantage of the park.

Parks are great places to plan your pickup orders around. Walk in the opposite direction of the work piling up on your desk and find a nice shady bench to eat your falafel. If you’re on vacation, order up from a sandwich or taco spot and lay out a picnic on the grass — bonus points if there’s an outdoor movie screen or a free concert playing!

Dolores Park in San Francisco. Find food near Dolores Park.

Take a walk through a public art installation.

These days, you can’t go through a metropolitan city without running into at least one public art installation. Use our map-based search feature to plan your pickup around a local art installation. You can chow down on your pizza or your grain bowl while contemplating the meaning of modern art — not to mention taking a cool #FoodInTheAir shot with the sculpture.

Sit by the water and feel the bay (or ocean) breeze.

There’s nothing like enjoying a fresh poke bowl while overlooking the ocean, lake or bay. From San Francisco’s Ocean Beach to Chicago’s Gold Coast, place an order for pickup near your favorite pier, dock or beach and head over for a much needed breath of fresh air — plus some prime people watching.

Pick up near the ballpark or soccer field.

If you have kids or siblings, every weekend of the summer there is bound to be some kind of sporting event. Step things up from the concession stand fare and pick up your favorite burger, sushi or wrap as you head to the field. You’re eats will be the talk of the bleachers.

Find a patch of grass and picnic.

Pickup is the savior for any picnic connoisseur. There is so much to plan that if Grubhub takes care of the food, you can spend more time worrying about things like remembering the blanket or the corkscrew. Just place your order for pickup right outside of the park or lawn and it’ll be the easiest picnic you’ve ever hosted.

Snag quality roadtrip snacks on your way out of town.

There’s definitely some roadtrip charm to a gas station stop (cue the piles of chips and soda), but the food is nothing to write home about. As you are skipping out of town to hit the lake house or head out into the woods, make sure you plan ahead with pickup. Place your order as you are headed out the door and swoop some food before you hit the backroads. Pro-tip: you can also search upcoming towns on your map and place orders there for mid-trip indulgences.

Show up to the party a hero.

Making food ahead of time for a party is a nightmare, especially if you have to travel with it in the car or on public transit. Look up top rated restaurants near the host’s house and pick up your contribution just before you walk in the door. The food will be hot, fresh and most likely ten times better than anything you could have made. You. Are. Welcome.

Welcome to the pickup life.

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