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10 Trending Dishes for Summer

The heat of summer is upon us. This means there are pools to dive into, beaches to lay on, and adventures to be had for the next eight weeks. But you know what else we love about summer? The food. We’ve rounded up the top trending dishes in delivery for the summer months. Order up and embrace the season with everything from poke to seasonal roasted veggies.

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Poke is the ultimate food of summer. It’s refreshing, bold and flavor-packed — a combo you can’t beat. Think of poke as a bowl form of sushi. It usually comes with rice, vegetables, raw fish, and a few additional toppings depending on your preference. Expect a salty and fishy flavor explosion with every bite.

Summer is a time when everyone is on the go. So why not order your cake and take it with you too? Cheesecake bites are popping up at bakeries across the US and making it into your orders this summer.

The classic county fair food is now bite sized, which makes it all the more better for snacking on the go. These bites take a classic soft pretzel and shrink it down to a doughy morsel, sprinkled with sea salt. The only thing you need to decide is which sauce to dunk them in. (cough cough honey mustard…)

A little bit healthy, a little bit hearty. Sort of like everything we’re eating this summer. Turkey is a lean choice to stay energized for all of your summer activities, but throw in a bit of bacon and ranch dressing and call it a meal. Indulge in this sandwich on the beach, while camping, or while laying out in your backyard. We’ll get it delivered to you wherever you are.

The brussels sprout is not going anywhere, ladies and gentlemen. This summer we’re seeing orders of brussels sprouts spiking as sides, snacks, and even their own main courses (add a little pancetta or onions and dinner is served). Get your veggies in this summer with delivery.

Nothing says summer like the sweet and tangy taste of honey chicken. Honey chicken can be found in a handful of cuisines from Chinese food to classic American fried chicken. If you crave a little sweet with your savory, order up this summer staple and enjoy.

During the season of BBQs and poolside parties, there’s no better choice than a pulled pork slider. A full pulled pork sandwich can be daunting, so mini versions are absolutely the way to go. Best when topped with slaw and pickled onions, these savory sandwiches are the perfect pick this summer if you’re looking to indulge in a BBQ favorite like pulled pork.

Ah yes, the famed brunch food of 2015, 2016, and now 2017. Avocado toast has made its way into our hearts for quite some time and is not going anywhere. But did you know that you can get this tartine favorite delivered? We know — game changer. That crunchy sourdough or rye base, scoops of soft and smooth avocado, with a squeeze of lemon, some chili flakes, and a mashed poached egg on top… hungry yet?

The perfect order for post-workout, work week breakfast or a Sunday brunch with friends, the acai bowl is equal parts filling, healthy and beautiful to look at. Acai berry is native to South and Central America and is actually harvested from an acai plant that starts as a palm. These berries are then blended down into an ice cold smoothie-like paste and topped with things like chia seeds, goji berries, fresh fruit, or coconut flakes. These bowls are packed with nutrients while also being the ultimate cure for a sweets craving (not to mention they are so Instagrammable) — order them this summer!

Bite-sized is definitely a theme of summer due to everyone being so busy and active. Take a corn dog and shrink it down for a snack or a great appetizer for your BBQ or dinner party. This childhood favorite takes us back to baseball games, county fairs and camp life — and the best part is you can now get them delivered right to you.

Order these Summerlicious foods this season.

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