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How To Stay Cool During A Summer Heatwave

There’s a moment of panic when you wake up and it is just *too* hot. What do you wear, will someone sweat on you during your commute, will the AC in your office be turned on. One thing you don’t have to panic about is what to eat. Because the key to staying cool during a heatwave is the food and beverages you have lined up.

A shot of fruit and vegetable energy will help you feel upbeat and refreshed on a terribly hot day, not to mention instantly cool you down!

Image of Mango Fro-Yo at Bon Bon Berry

We’re here to tell you that yes, you can get fro-yo delivered. And yes, it is better than you could have ever imagined. Often times, toppings come on the side of the fro-yo, it will come in an insulated bag and you have the perfect excuse to order something cold because, heatwave.

If you haven’t heard, your favorite soup restaurant is most likely serving up gazpacho over the summer. This is cold soup, often made from peas, tomatoes, watermelon, or squash. It is both filling and refreshing.

Poké bowl from Poké Chan in NYC

Sushi always comes cold, so getting a poké bowl is a great way to get nourished without having to face the steam of a burrito bowl or panini.

An acai bowl is essentially a smoothie, except it involves a ton of cool and refreshing toppings like chia seeds, kiwi, coconut, and so much more. Top it with some granola and it’s an ice cold treat that’s sure to cool you off.

Cookie meet ice cream. There are a handful of restaurants who will deliver you a perfectly crafted ice cream sandwich to cool you off in the midst of a heatwave. Crunchy cookie with a smooth ice cream filling is a guaranteed ticket to “cool” town.

Chill out, cool off, whatever floats your boat.

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