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6 Throwback Foods You Can Order Right Now

When we think of #TBT, we often begin reminiscing on past experiences, our best memories, or that time you looked so good you have to resurface a picture to prove it (c’mon we’ve all done it). But have you ever thought about the foods that shaped those memories? These throwback foods will take you way back. And guess what? You can order them today and indulge in the nostalgia all over again — your delivery history is safe with us.

Fresh out of the toaster oven, fish sticks were always a winner as a kid. Try your local diner or American-fare restaurant to see if you can order these up and relive your glory days.

We can confidently say that if you look hard enough your local deli or sandwich shop might have a cup of alphabet soup or spaghetti waiting for you. Don’t be afraid to venture into the kids menu.

Since when did breakfast get so healthy? Throw it back to when you could grab a toaster pastry from the kitchen and head out to play with your friends. Those were the days.

Whether they were frozen and served bite sized or made fresh from your favorite diner, the pizza bagel was a staple in many folks’ childhoods. Go back to the good ‘ol days and order up a pizza bagel.

Some may argue these are 100% adult food, but we’re willing to bet that you were introduced to them back at the diner where servers would roller skate out to your car to take your order. Order these at almost any diner or burger joint, and don’t move a muscle — they’ll be delivered all the way to your couch.

As a kid, fruit salad was one of our first introductions to fruit. Every parent made it different, but no matter the variation, it’s still a delicious pick for everything from a potluck to a late night snack.

If you haven’t indulged in a PB&J recently, the time is now people. Why we stopped eating these after age 10 is beyond us, since they are SO GOOD. Order them for delivery, and no one has to know that you have time warped back to your yesteryears.

Throw it back and live it up like it’s your childhood again.

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