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Try Dim Sum Delivery And Never Look Back

Dim sum is arguably one of the more fun experiences when it comes to dining. It’s a Chinese menu of items like dumplings, pancakes and other small bites served quickly and usually cheaply in a family style way. What you might not know is that even if you have yet to learn and experience true dim sum, you’ve probably had dim sum menu items from a regular Chinese menu. We’re going to lay out some key dim sum menu items that you can order for delivery so that you can have a dim sum feast from the comfort of your own dining table.

Doughy and fluffy all at the same time, steamed pork buns are the key to dim sum success.

These juicy, shrimp packed dumplings are a great pescatarian dim sum option.

Keep it classic. Dumplings are always a great choice, from veggie to pork to chicken.

Walk on the wild side with this super traditional dim sum staple.

Wrapped in dried lotus leaves and perfect for pairing with all your other bites.

You may already know these veggie packed rolls from Chinese cuisine — always get an order with dim sum.

Think thick noodles with boiled shrimp meat inside… so good.

If you’re all noodle-d and dumpling-ed out, turn to the always dependable scallion pancake.

Order dim sum today.

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