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7 After-School Snacks Kids Will Love

Does school dismissal leave you in a panic knowing your house will soon be full of hungry kids looking for snacks? Skip the freak out (yours and theirs!) by ordering up the perfect after-school snack before pickup. We’ve rounded up a collection of kid-friendly bites that will satisfy their after-school cravings (and give you a break from the kitchen).

There’s nothing easier than ordering up a carton of chicken noodle or tomato soup to warm the kids up after a rainy day at school. Bonus: you can get grilled cheese sandwiches delivered for dipping, too. Find soups near you.

Bite sized and practically clean-up free, pigs in a blanket are a winning after school snack for kiddies who are ravenous after getting home from school. Order snacks like pigs in a blanket here.

Serving smoothies as an after school snack is an easy way to make sure your kiddos get their serving of fruits and vegetables. Theme them off their favorite colors or favorites flavors, and get them delivered! Find smoothies near you.

You can never go wrong with an order of sandwiches to satisfy the after-school hungry-monsters that gather around your kitchen table. Your local deli is sure to have a menu that will please the kids. Find sandwiches near you.

Keep it simple with an order of popcorn for a quick afterschool bite. You can find other snacks like trail mix, chips and dips on Grubhub as well — all sure to please the after-school rush. Find snacks like popcorn near you.

Another bite sized grab-and-go option are empanadas. If they’re in a rush to eat and make it to their after school activities, you can even wrap one or two up in a paper towel for a portable snack. Find empanadas near you.

While we always aim to offer up healthy options, there’s no harm in ordering some cookies to treat the kids after a tough Monday, at the end of long week, or in the middle of the week just because. (See how easy we just made that?) Find cookies near you.

Order these crowd pleasing after-school snacks today!

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