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5 Tips To Elevate Your Salad Topping Game

Salads are the embodiment of spring. So why do we always end up ordering the same old thing every time? This spring, we’re guiding you towards salad greatness with these 5 tips you can use to change up your salad ordering game. Give them all a try on Grubhub.

Make it a meal with a grain.

From quinoa to wild rice to chickpea stew, there is so much more to salad creation than just the greens. Add in one of the grain options to make things feel much heartier.

Give roasted veggies a try.

Roasted brussel sprouts, carrots, or seasonal squash never fail to spice up a salad that is in desperate need of some pizazz. Bonus points if you add in seasonal picks like asparagus, artichokes, or carrots.

Branch out on proteins.

Don’t make the mistake of thinking proteins are only chicken or steak — or that you only need one. Nowadays, salad restaurants are serving up everything from marinated tofu to grilled tilapia, and there’s nothing better than loading your favorites on the top of your salad to really treat yourself.

Fried foods make it a little more indulgent — for the better.

Kick things up a notch and opt for toppings like fried chickpeas, fried goat cheese or a classic fried chicken. These additions make the salad feel a little more like a treat, while still keeping the health factor top of mind.

Ask for dressing on the side — but ask for lots of it.

It is a common misconception that dressing is what can make or break your salad on the health scale. We disagree. Dressing ties everything together, and a few extra calories in a dressing never hurt anybody. Pro tip: make sure to ask for the dressing on the side — this way when it gets delivered you can control the amount, and it gets poured in fresh right before you eyes. Go for the avocado vinaigrette or house-made goddess dressing and thank us later.

Go crazy on toppings — we dare you.

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