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The Surprising Birthplace Of Your Favorite Delivery Foods

We tend to put foods into cuisine categories based on where we assume they came from — Mexican, Asian, Italian — but have you been mislead on the origin of your favorite eats? Take a look at some classic foods and the places they actually came from.

Apple Pie

Apple Pie is without a doubt an American staple. However, this traditionally American dessert isn’t so traditionally American. The British were the first to create sweet fruit pies, with the first mention going back as far as 1675. British poet Robert Greene was cited saying “Thy breath is like the steeme of apple pies”, and whether that’s a compliment or not, it seems the British beat us to this one.


At every family gathering where there’s spaghetti and meatballs, someone’s uncle can be heard saying “Now THAT’S a spicy meatball” in his worst Italian accent. The irony is, meatballs are actually American. While Italians do have a dish that is similar (they call them “polpettes”), they serve them in addition to a meal, unlike the American way of serving them as a meal.


There are many theorized origin stories behind churros, but one thing we know for certain is they are not, in fact, Mexican. Amongst the ideas of where they came from are Spanish shepherds, the Chinese, and the most popular, Portuguese sailors. Though we may not know who was the first to cook this dough, we do know that Conquistadors were the first to bring them to Latin America.


If you started your morning by saying bonjour to this flaky delight, you’d be mistaken. In the 17th century your favorite breakfast pastry was actually created in Austria. It eventually made its way to France via Marie-Antoinette who was born in Vienna.

Coney Dog

While Coney Island seems to have the corner on the Coney Dog market, these summer-staples are actually Mid-Westerners. Although the exact place of their birth is highly contested by three different restaurants, they are all located in America’s mitten state, Michigan.

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