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7 Crazy Pizza Flavors You Must Try

It’s Pizza Week, people. Whether you're ordering for your family, a study session, or just for yourself, you can count on Grubhub’s restaurants to offer up some pretty crazy pizza options. From fusion cuisine toppings (think Indian and Mexican meet Italian) to a slice sprinkled with breakfast staples, we’ve rounded up the best in dressed-up pizzas, all yours for the ordering.

If you can’t decide between a taco and a pizza, we have news for you. You don’t have to! Order this tostada pizza and call it a pizza fiesta! Order pizza here.

A favorite Thai dish that has made its way into our hearts is now heading outside the plate and onto a crust. A Thai curry chicken pizza is delightfully similar to our favorite alternative chicken pizzas (like buffalo or parmigiana), with a spicy, savory kick. Order pizza here.

When you’re trying to be healthy, but you still want pizza, just load a ton of beets on it, and sprinkle with toppings like ricotta, basil, and walnuts. It might be untraditional, but boy is it delicious. Order pizza here.

Trade cold pizza in the morning, for a breakfast pizza of champions. Baked to perfection and dotted with all of your breakfast food favorites — eggs, bacon, veggies — it’s a winning choice for a hearty morning meal. Order pizza here.

While it seems like a mac n’ cheese pizza is a bit peculiar, according to our data, this flavor of pizza is ordered much more often than you might think, with orders spiking 22% in the past few months. If the masses say so, you gotta try it. Order pizza here.

Think classic pepperoni, just kicked up a notch — or ten. Where sriracha meets the tomato sauce, you get that extra kick on a pizza staple. We highly recommend trying it. Order pizza here.

While a pizza might already feel hearty enough, you can count on somebody to go ahead and deep fry it. Yes, you heard that correctly, you can find a deep fried pizza on Grubhub. Try it and let us know how it is. Order pizza here.

Order in and get your pizza on.

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