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10 Korean Dishes To Try For Delivery

If you have yet to enter into the world of Korean cuisine, you’re in for a treat. Korean food has recently become popular in the states, with restaurants serving up everything from classic stew to fusion dishes like kimchi tacos. While most explorations of Korean food start with something as widely known as kimchi or Korean wings, there is so much more to Korean food than that. Try these dishes to get a feel for this flavor-packed cuisine.

Aside from being a tongue twister to pronounce, bipbimbap, meaning “mixed rice”, is a bowl of warm white rice with your choice of meat, and a ton of veggies. The comes with each topping in its own section of the bowl — it’s up to you to mix it up to perfection. A fried egg is a must.

These are short ribs marinated in a pear-soy sauce, which yield a savory yet sweet flavor. Top them off with with green onion and sesame seeds, and you’ve got yourself a brand new favorite ribs dish.

If dumplings are already a favorite food of yours, this is the Korean take on a classic dumpling. They are very similar to the Eastern European pierogi or a Chinese pork dumpling, just with more a kick. Fillings vary and are often a choice on a delivery menu.

This staple of Korean households may be better known to you as dried seaweed. It’s often used as a garnish on other dishes, but these toasted, salted seaweed strips makes a great snack, too. Order these up as a side dish or store your own at home to layer them on your Korean delivery dishes.

Calling all vegetarians — this is the dish for you. This Korean stew can be made with meat, but the base of the dish is a spicy broth with extra soft tofu. This is a great dish to fill up on due to its hearty contents — a good pick for lunch and dinner alike.

Similar to Galbi, this is a beef dish with just slightly thinner cuts of meat. The seasoning is also sweeter than Galbi, and it is often served off bone and mixed with vegetables.

Do you love zoodles (zucchini noodles)? Well this is the Korean version. This dish can be made with sweet potato noodles or glass noodles, which are then stir fried with vegetables to make this magical swirl of noodles come to life. Pro tip: this is a great side dish to add to your order.

By now you can see that stews are a big deal in Korean cuisine. This particular stew is made with lots and lots of kimchi (more on kimchi here) and the toppings are up to you. From sausage to tofu, this dish is a great quick meal that feels similar to a ramen.

Keeping with the stew theme, but this time a more complex stew. Historically, this stew was prepared after the Korean war to be more economical. This stew has just about everything in it, from rice cakes to vegetables to every meat you can think of. Fun fact: this dish also includes Spam, which somehow has found its way into a bunch of other Korean dishes.

Didn’t think we’d leave you without something sweet, did you? Hotteok is a brown-sugar filled pancake that is extra delicious when prepared with cinnamon or chopped nuts. Order these for a sweet ending to your savory meal.

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