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A Foodie’s Guide To Delivery with Bon Appétit

We recently partnered with Bon Appétit to highlight some of the best delivery in cities across the US. To top things off we tapped Alex Hopson, Director of Brand Marketing and foodie extraordinaire, to share some answers to a few of our burning questions.

At Bon Appétit you guys are true foodies — what is the fanciest thing you have ever ordered on delivery?

AH: The fanciest thing I’ve ever ordered is an Omakase from a local sushi spot in Tribeca. (Omakase is a special menu selection where the chef serves up a gourmet selection of sushi — a must-try!)

What occasions do you order in for?

AH: The occasions I order in for are more for unwinding and relaxing, i.e. I just got back from a trip and need to unpack and take it easy or I’ve been going out too much and need to spend a night in and watch a movie, or I have the Sunday scaries and need to distract myself.

Why is everyone so obsessed with taking photos of their food and sharing them?

AH: Pics or it didn’t happen! I think people are obsessed with sharing their experiences first and foremost. Instagram in particular works off of reciprocity — I’ll follow your trip and be excited and you do the same for me. At a basic level it’s also fun to take a great picture and see other people enjoy it as much as you do.

Which foodie Instagram accounts get the double tap from your staff?

AH: I can’t speak for the whole Bon Appétit staff but we really like each other on Instagram. @CSaffitz (Senior Food Editor) is a mind-blowing cook and baker and posts things that don’t seem real. @Lallimusic (Food Director) is hilarious. @AlisoneRoman (Writer & Recipe Developer) is hilarious and an amazing photographer. Aside from the staff, @Francismallmann has the most enviable life I can imagine. And @Davidprior is a home run threat every time he posts.

What is the most common lunch delivery order that comes through the office?

AH: Salad, salad, salad. It’s all about the @healthyish lifestyle for lunch.

Your imagery is obviously the best of the best — what are a few photo tips we can share with our community?

AH: Great question. First, know your angles. No 45 degree shots unless it’s ironic and you’re doing something interesting with it. Lighting is the most important far away. Pay attention to lighting and what’s happening in the frame and you should be ok.

In the box or on a plate? How do you tackle delivery once it gets to you?

AH: Plate it! Always be plating.

Read more about Bon Appetit’s delivery picks here.

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