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Instagram Foodie @ColorMeCourtney Talks All Things Takeout

Meet one of the most colorful creator we have ever seen on Instagram — @ColorMeCourtney. Her feed is literally a rainbow. Being the food enthusiast she is, we asked her a few burning questions about her Instagram style, food she loves (for Instagram and for eating) and some other insider deets. Read on for the Q&A.

It’s no secret that your world is extremely colorful. How does that translate to your food choices?

Courtney: Me colorful? No, you must have the wrong girl 😉 JK! Yes, I love color everywhere — in my home, in my wardrobe and on my plate… especially when it comes to dessert! I think a lot of times we’re frightened to try foods that are more colorful and crazy looking, like bright blue ice cream or pizza with all of the crazy toppings. But having a bright Instagram feed has inspired me to try these saturated snacks and introduced me to some great flavors. Now more than ever I say yes to sprinkles, color and all of the unique offerings in the food department to add another layer of fun and whimsy to my world.

You mention loving pizza — what are your top three favorite pizza toppings?

Courtney: I love old fashioned pepperoni. I mean you can’t go wrong there! I’m also a pineapple pizza gal (um yum) and I’m a big fan of BBQ chicken pizza! Also have you ever had fruit or dessert pizza? IT’S SO GOOD! Try it now and thank me later.

According to you, what’s the most Instagrammable food?

Courtney: Ice cream, always! BUT it’s really tough especially during the summer. Some people always take that perfect ice cream photo — this usually includes sunglasses if it’s a selfie (because you have to get it right in the first few shots before it melts and can’t afford to have your eye closed…). Sometimes it is just your hand against a cool background, which also works. I usually just start eating my ice cream and hope that we get a good or hilarious photo. It doesn’t have to be perfect because life (like ice cream) can be messy.

It’s Saturday night, you’ve invited some friends over for dinner — what are you ordering?

Courtney: Tacos! Tacos and Mexican food is the best delivery food for a group of friends! You can order a bunch of tacos and flavors and just all dig in — plus you don’t have to waste time getting people’s specific orders.

When do you find yourself ordering delivery the most and why?

Courtney: During the week I’m always ordering delivery! My boyfriend and I have very different schedules and are always on the go.

Top favorite food for delivery — go.

Courtney: Pizza, obvi! I also love to order fancy food like steak frites or a cheese plate!

Sometimes when we want something, we can’t stop thinking about it — what is a craving you can’t ever kick?

Courtney: Cookies and cream ice cream! Shoot! Now I want it!!! I’m off to place an order, gotta go — bye!!!

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