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The Infatuation Talks Good NY Delivery

It’s a good day when you’re getting delivery suggestions from Andrew Steinthal, the co-founder of the now multi-city restaurant discovery resource, The Infatuation. The Infatuation offers expert suggestions for where to get the best eats worldwide, and we got to tap Andrew for a few pressing questions about how he does delivery — read on!

You’re the co-founder of a restuarant discovery platform — with your busy schedule, what are your favorite occasions to order in with your family?

AS: Busy lives lead to lots of delivery. Pretty much every night I’m home, there’s food being delivered. Generally just for me, as my family eats way earlier than I do.

Your employees obviously love food — what’s your favorite occasion to order in for a team?

AS: We cover lunch for staff everyday, so we’re ordering in for the team all the time.

If The Infatuation were a food dish, what would it be?

AS: Definitely a turkey leg. Long live the turkey leg (our old logo). The new logo is a Ham Horn. Yes, a Ham Horn.

Hands down, your favorite delivery restaurant to order from is…

AS: That’s tough. Depends on location. When I used to work in Midtown, Wondee Siam was our bi-weekly treat. Couldn’t get enough of that pineapple fried rice. Taqueria Diana delivers a mean burrito in the East Village. Buffalo Boss organic wings if you’re uptown are excellent. Westville will always be a go-to.

Name the most underrated delivery restaurant that everyone should know about.

AS: If you live in the East Village, there’s a Vietnamese restaurant called Sao Mai that’s incredible. Amazing, fast delivery. Get involved. It’s even Seth Rogen approved.

Photo by Ryan Muir

Your delivery arrives, and you answer the door wearing…?

AS: T-shirt, basketball shorts, flip flops.

What is your best hack for ordering delivery?

AS: Trust what your friends tell you. And what The Infatuation tells you. Also, some of the best delivery finds I’ve found over the years have come via a Tweet or Facebook post, asking people things like “HELP, what’s your go-to Upper East Side sushi delivery??” I’m still looking for that one, btw.

Photo by Noah Devereaux

Every photo you share is mouthwatering — what’s the key to the perfect #EEEEEATS photo on Instagram?

AS: It’s all about shooting in natural light and about the angel you take on the food. Go top down, get close up but whatever you do, don’t use flash.

Football season is about to start. What is your go-to order in for watching your favorite football team? As important, who are you rooting for this football season?

AS: I’m a Jets fan. It’s a tough existence, but feeling good about this year. If nothing else, they are entertaining to watch and have a bunch of dudes you’re happy to root for. Wings are a staple delivery item. Dan & John’s in the East Village are the best wings in NYC. Always love a good Crif Dogs or 99 Miles To Philly order for football too.

Photo by Noah Devereaux

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