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Meet The Real Friends Behind The Grubhub Ads

Nothing captures an authentic experience better than being a fly on the wall with real people, spending time with their friends, and capturing them enjoying a meal together. So we took some Grubhub diners and put them in our national TV commercial. Even better, these Grubhub orderers are already a creative, connected group of best friends. Read on to learn more about the real guys and girls in our latest TV commercials.

Why did we do it?

Authenticity is a key component of eating great food. You want the real stuff — the Carribean restaurant that imports their spices from their family farm in Puerto Rico, or the Mexican restaurant that uses an age-old recipe to slow roast their carnitas. So why wouldn’t we do the same thing with our advertising? We decided that this year was going to be the year of telling the stories of our restaurants, drivers, and diners. Whether they’re creating new music while biting into a Cubano, or gearing up for a gig with a few bites of Pad Thai; our community is active, passionate and thoughtful. And we thought these community members were worth highlighting — on national television.

How’d we cast them?

We touched down in Austin and met a group of friends who love food. They are entrepreneurs, musicians, creators and each have unique stories. From game night traditions to pre-show rituals, ordering food on Grubhub was an integral part of their group dynamic and we wanted to capture and share their real delivery moments.

How did filming go down?

Yes, there was no script. Yes, they actually put in a live Grubhub order. Yes, those inside jokes were actually their inside jokes (and that laughter was real). We were a fly on the wall at their homes, as the group discussed ordering, placed the order, and then (arguably the best part) waited for it to arrive. No “cut!”s or “let’s do that again!”s were said in the process, and we think that’s what makes watching this group so much better — they’re just being real.

So then, who are these people?

We’re glad you asked. A few of the Austin crew answered some of our burning questions below. Read on for their food and cuisine suggestions, plus a few details you would have never guessed about the group:

Where did you grow up?

Andrew: I was born in Caracas, Venezuela and moved shortly after to Miami Beach, Florida. I was an aspiring musician in 2008 and was hearing a lot about Austin as a live music hub. I visited for a week, went to Barton Springs every day, fell in love with the city, and was performing in SXSW just a few months later. 🙂

What are your favorite cuisines to order?

Andrew: Ethnic cuisine is really my jam; Thai, Sushi, Indian, Ethiopian, Latin Cuisine. Really, the more unusual the better. I’ve had enough burgers for ten lifetimes.

Pick a friend out of your group from the video and tell us something fun about them.

Andrew: Rudi and I are both musical collaborators and play in a poker league every two weeks. I’ve taken his money MANY times. You’ll notice I am wearing a bracelet in the poker-based commercial, that’s a real “poker champions” bracelet from our poker league. I slipped it on and never ran it by the wardrobe crew, haha!!!!

What’s a Grubhub hack you have learned from ordering?

Andrew: I really rely on using the filters to narrow down my price, cuisine, and review rating — makes it so I never order a bad meal!

What are your favorite cuisines to order?

Rudi: Thai, Mexican, and Pizza

Pick a friend out of your group from the video and tell us something fun about them.

Rudi: Andrew wishes he could rap like me.

Tell us a story about food, that holds meaning for you.

Emily: It was the last day in 8th grade and we had a plan. Evan (also featured in the ad) flicked the lights on and off and it began. The staff was onto us because everyone bought the food from the cafeteria that day which was abnormal and they happened to be serving sloppy joes. I launched a joe and got hit in the eye with a pickle. I took a step back and it was beautiful scene in slow motion with an orchestra playing. The slop was everywhere! It was a truly unforgettable day. We all got suspended and our end of year trip was canceled but it was worth it.

What’s your favorite Grubhub restaurant in Austin?

Emily: Zocalo

What’s a Grubhub hack you have learned from ordering?

John: Always tip your delivery guy/gal. It’s what makes the world go round.

Tell us something we’d never guess about you.

John: Some call me the songbird of my generation.

What’s next?

Stories. And lots of them. We love our community, because they inspire us to offer up some of their favorite eats, they teach us about their pasts and futures as they relate to food, and most of all, they’re truly and undeniably authentic. So keep an eye out for more friend groups, families, drivers, and chefs like these, eating and serving up food they love, delivered by Grubhub.

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