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Delivery Tips From A Travel Duo That’s Always On The Go

Calling all travelers — we know you’re always on the go, which means sometimes your food choices can get compromised due to your busy schedule. Take Damon & Jo for example — they're a travel duo that explores the world on a budget. And while they’re at it, they get to eat some pretty amazing food. So we tapped them to tell us all about their travels as they relate to food, as well as some of their delivery tips for their on-the-go lifestyle.

Share with us 3 tips you live by when traveling:

1. When traveling abroad, you should learn words in the local language that are relevant to your eating habits like “I’m a vegetarian” and “Not spicy”

2. Heavy sauces can ruin meals. Ask for it on the side — especially when you get your meal to go. That way, your noodles or salad don’t become soggy and the oils don’t spill onto your clothes.

3. If you get extra utensils, napkins, salt/pepper and or sugar from a takeout meal, keep all of those things in your book bag. Odds are if you’re traveling, you’ll need to season something on the go and nothing puts a damper on food more than no flavor — and having no fork to eat with.

It’s no secret you two are travel experts — how has travel expanded your food preferences?

D & J: There are foods we had no idea even existed, that we now really desire when we’re back home in the States. It’s a good thing that’s almost a bad thing. Not all of our favorite foods are imported to the United States. Looks like we’ll have to keep traveling.

Jo, outside a favorite eatery of hers in Silver Lake, LA.

What’s a worldly food trend you’re obsessing over right now?

D: Açai bowls. The fruit itself is from Brazil, which we have a strong connection to — Jo, being born in Brazil. It’s one of those foods we’re like, “…but we knew about this before it was cool!”
J: Hmmm, I have to say I’m constantly in the mood for kimchi — call me crazy, but it tastes like home since we live in Koreatown in Los Angeles. It’s funny how the world has become so global, you can taste the other side of the planet with a five minute walk to the grocery store.

A typical sushi spread for the duo.

With all of your traveling, you’ve tried A TON of cuisines. What are your top three? (If you had to choose)

D: Thai curries, Brazilian rice and beans, and French dairy products.
J: Short version: rice and beans from any culture, chocolate from any culture, and sushi.
Long version: Funny enough, being Brazilian, I hated the fact we ate rice and beans every single day with almost every meal. Little did I know it’d be the one thing I crave on a weekly basis. Aside from my rice in beans (in any format really – Mexican, Brazilian, Dominican, etc.), I eat with chopsticks almost three days of every week. Sushi and Thai are the other weekly necessities.

Damon & Jo in Portugal.

When do you find yourself ordering delivery the most and why?

D & J: It’s always the late-night relax sessions that get us good. You get home and the last thing you want to do is prepare a meal, let alone clean dishes. Anytime between 8pm and midnight and you can count on us ordering.

Top favorite food for delivery — go.

D: Eggplant, tofu, and brown rice — it’s tasty and one of those meals that is kind of a hassle to cook. No one’s got time to boil rice.
J: I cook a lot, so ordering in is a treat to go beyond the quinoa, beans, veggies, and grilled chicken I boringly eat almost every day. If I’m ordering, it’s gonna be global — Thai food is usually the go-to.

Jo, doing what she does best.

Sometimes when we want something, we can’t stop thinking about it — what is a craving you can’t ever kick?

D: Avocados. Put avocados in a smoothie – delicious. Put avocados on toast – delicious. Put avocados on kale – delicious. It’s the magic ingredient.
J: Powerfully flavored rice dishes, chicken or vegetable Briyani, kimchi fried rice, or some bomb spicy tuna sushi with crunchies on top.

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