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I Ordered Pizza For A Week And This Is What Happened

We tapped Samantha Roby of Chicago Food Authority to order pizza on Grubhub every day for a week. Nothing like celebrating Grubhub’s Pizza Week with a pizza a day, eh? She sure knows her way around the Chicago food scene, so we put her to the test to see if she could keep things fresh while ordering pizza every day throughout the week. From her top notch Instagram skills to her pizza expertise, we knew we’d be in for a treat. Read on to discover what happened.

The Challenge

Sam from Chicago Food Authority, here. I ate pizza everyday for a WEEK and this is what happened. Surprisingly, I didn’t turn into a piece of pizza. Read on to explore my day to day orders from a few local favorites — delivered by Grubhub.

Day 1: UNO Pizzeria

I figure to start, go BIG or go home…ya know?! This is one of my all time favorite deep dish pizzas in Chicago. The crust is flakey and delicious and the sauce always tastes so freaking fresh. They definitely don’t skimp on the toppings. My go-to is always pepperoni — ‘cause pepperoni is LIFE!

Day 2: Happy Camper

It was super nice outside and Happy Camper isn’t too far from us, so I ordered on the Grubhub app for pickup, and took a little stroll over there to pick it up. TBH, Happy Camper can do no wrong in my book…sometimes I go with the traditional pepperoni pizza, but MOST of the time I get down with a couple of their specialty pizzas. My two faves are the Dime Piece & the Josh (both are topped with jalapeños). Literally, pizza heaven. I started eating some slices on the walk back home…I mean, who can wait while walking with pizza? No one that I know of.

Day 3: D’ Agostino’s Pizza

This is my boyfriend’s favorite spot for thin crust ‘za, and it has quickly grown to be one of my faves as well! They have perfected thin crust, and they load on the toppings under all of that gooey cheese!! Day 3 of pizza life is looking pretty fire.

Day 4: Forno Rosso

I knew this week would be pretty busy with work, so I thought it’d be fun to try out the preorder option on Grubhub. I had heard really awesome things about the gluten free pizza at Forno Rosso, so figured it was worth a try. I preordered 2 gluten free pizzas (a margherita and a veggie pizza) to be delivered for lunch later in the week. And boom! I had totally forgot it was coming, so it was a very pleasant delicious surprise. The GF pizza at Forno Rosso tasted just as good as the regular pizza that I’ve had at their restaurant. I was VERY impressed. Fluffy crust, and super fresh toppings = happy Sam.

Day 5: Jet’s Pizza

On day 5, I had to throw it back to my Michigan roots and order one of my favorite pizzas in the whole wide world from Jet’s Pizza. It’s a simple square deep dish ‘za with crispy corners and so much deliciousness. This time I only ordered a 6 piece, because I had pizza for the last 5 days and figured I could afford to go a little lighter on quantity. (Totes worth it though). The key to success at Jet’s is ordering the deep dish square pepperoni pizza with a side of ranch! They have literally the best ranch in the whole wide world and the pizza + ranch combo is out of this world!

Final Feelings

Overall, I am feeling very accomplished after this week of pizza. Ordering in from local restaurants on Grubhub makes trying a wide variety super easy. From preordering to picking up, deep dish to GF thin crust, I guess you really can keep things varied even if you’re ordering the same food item all week. Dare you to try it yourself… Thanks, #GrubhubPizzaWeek!

Order in from your favorite pizza spot for Pizza Week (and beyond).

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