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We tapped photographer and blogger Arielle Vey to show us how she gets breakfast in bed delivered. Read the Q&A to catch all of her tips on how to make this cozy breakfast happen, post-Valentine's Day.

What is your go-to order for breakfast in bed?

AL: My go-to order is undoubtedly either french toast with berries or eggs benedict. Although, both at once would be ideal!

How do you make your breakfast in bed more special on Valentine’s Day?

AL: I think the food itself is what makes it so special because it’s typically something you’d order from a restaurant. Sleeping in, ordering without limits, watching a movie, and taking it slow all accumulate to my ideal Valentine’s Day brunch in bed.

What is your favorite Grubhub restaurant to order from?

AL: One of my favorites is a local bakery called BonPastry. They have French pastries that are not only tiny and adorable but perfect for sharing, a special occasion, or a treat yourself moment. Their macarons are the best!

Which would you prefer on Valentine’s Day: Flowers or chocolate?

AL: I would prefer flowers because they can instantly transform a space and uplift my spirits. I tend to almost always have chocolate on hand so I am covered in that department!

Any tips & tricks to the set up?

AL: For the setup, I love using individual trays for main dishes and flat surfaces for other snacks. Using fun dishes and utensils make it feel really special and bonus: it ends up looking 100% cute.

Do like Arielle and order in your Valentine's Day breakfast in bed.

Get breakfast in bed delivered

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