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Why Biscuit Sandwiches Are Better Than All Other Sandwiches

We all know that a biscuit and fried chicken belong together — but we’re going to venture to say that everything from eggs to chicken belong in between two halves of a biscuit. Don’t agree? Cast your vote, but only after you scroll the beauty that is all of these biscuit sandwiches (which delivery extremely well, if we do say so ourselves).

We all love biscuits and gravy — so why not make a biscuit and gravy SANDWICH. (Duh)

And go ahead, add some chicken in there with it. Drools

Oh yeah and add some bacon and cheese, obviously.

Or keep it tidy with a classic fried chicken tender surrounded by flaky biscuit goodness.

Or get yourself a FULLY LOADED breakfast like this masterpiece.

Bottom line, biscuits are God’s gift to the world — so they should be the ends to all of your sandwiches. Thank you and goodnight.

Order biscuits ASAP.

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