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6 Perfect Foods To Order After A Wedding Reception

It’s midnight and the happy couple is off. But your night’s just getting started and all that dancing has made you hungry. The four course dinner was hours ago and you need your food fix ASAP. Whether it’s heading back in the shuttle to the hotel or walking across the venue to get to your room, tap the Grubhub app and order these eats late night to satisfy those cravings.

A classic pair to get you through the rest of the night.

Every pizza is a personal pizza if you try hard and believe in yourself.

Bite sized and totally customizable — unlike the dry duck you were forced to eat at Table 14.

Sink into a crunchy baguette filled with all your deli favorites.

Find the nearest diner and order these dunkable eats to keep your energy high.

Avoid any spillage or plating with these super bite sized eats.

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