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5 Easy Family Dinners To Try All Week Long

Skip the grocery shopping and the time it takes to cook up a meal. Order in something for the family that’s homemade — just not by you. Here is a list of five different meals that work for both kids and parents, which you might be surprised that you can get delivered.


Order up a traditional and simple flavor for the kids like cheese or pepperoni, then treat yourself to some truffle mushroom or caramelized onion and gruyere. Load it up with veggies too and you can call it a balanced meal. Clean up is as easy as tossing the box in the recycling and making sure they wash their hands after they devour the slices.


Tacos are easy because you can order individual ones for every picky child’s needs. Whether it is as simple as rice and beans or as flavorful as tacos al pastor, there is something for everyone. Pull out a few plates for this one and lay them out so the kids can pick and choose freely. But don’t forget to trick them with the “Oh no, that one looks extra spicy” so you can snag your favorites.

Spaghetti & Meatballs with Salad

Classic family dinners don’t have to be slaved over. You can order a few dishes from your favorite Italian spot — everything from eggplant parm to spaghetti and meatballs. You can aso order up a side salad to keep things balanced. Eat out of the containers or pile the orders onto one platter for the table to pass around. Make sure to ask for extra parmesan cheese so the kids can control their own level of cheesiness.

General Tso’s Chicken

On the more mild side for Chinese food, General Tso’s Chicken is an easy win for a family dinner during the week. Chinese restaurants have a great variety of sides that cater to every need, and when in doubt, white rice will do the trick for even the pickiest kiddo. The sweet and tangy sauce on General Tso’s will be a hit and you can load up on veggies too. Bonus points for teaching everyone how to use chopsticks.

Barbecue Platter

Ordering in from a local BBQ spot is a win win for everyone. The kids can pick and choose what they are craving, or you can just order up a big selection: everything from ribs to chicken wings to pulled pork to burnt ends. Have fun with the sides like potato salad, coleslaw, mac n’ cheese, and baked beans. And don’t forget extra BBQ sauce!

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