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Why You Should Plate Your Delivery

We all know the feeling of busting open the takeout box and digging straight in — sometimes it’s the only way. But what if your soup carton is too hot? Or you have guests coming? This is when *plating* your delivery is very important and super helpful. Whether you’re pouring your ramen into a ceramic bowl or laying out your Puerto Rican food as a spread for guests, plating is key. Here are a few tips and opportunities to plate your delivery.

Bring on the bowls.

Bowls are delivery’s best friend for a few reasons. Number one, soups. Ramen and other soups come in plastic or cardboard containers, which can be way too hot to hold (not to mention awkward to eat out of). We suggest transferring your soups over to a bowl for easy slurping. Another bowl occasion is Chinese food — with all of your mains, you need a place to serve them up on top of your steamed rice. A bowl is your best bet. And last but not least, salads. If you have ever felt frustrated shaking up your salad in a plastic container, we have a solution. Just put it into a bowl and toss the salad with ease. It will change your salad game forever.

From ramen, to Chinese food, to salads — putting your food into a bowl is a great way to enjoy delivery staples.

Make your delivery look like it came right out of the oven.

If we have said it once, we have said it a million times. Ordering food in for a dinner party is the world’s greatest hosting hack. It’s still homemade — just not by you! This is an instance where plating is very important. Transferring the food from delivery containers to your own dishes is a foolproof way to trick your guests into thinking you pulled those plantains right from your own fryer.

This Puerto Rican spread looks homemade when it’s plated — your secret is safe with us.

Use plates to keep things clean.

While plates are great for hosting, they’re also just plain practical. When you’re dealing with a loaded sandwich or something potentially messing like BBQ or a burrito, use a plate to catch the crumbs and keep things clean. Whether you’re juggling messy kids or you’re solo watching TV; it’s always a safe bet.

Some foods leave a trail of ingredients. Use a plate to catch any that fall out.

Serve up a family meal in style.

Take the pressure off of a family meal by getting it delivered, but don’t sacrifice the presentation! Set the table for the family meal and make sure to serve the pastas onto plates to make it feel special. Stash the delivery cartons in the kitchen and run back for seconds if needed.

Pasta night just got an upgrade.

Now that you’re armed with the tips, order up!

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