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7 Dishes Perfect For Sharing

Whether you’re in the midst of settling down for cuffing season, planning your trips to the pumpkin patch, or zipping from activity to activity with the kids — fall is the season for sharing. Here’s a list of the best family-style meals to order.

Throw on those fuzzy socks, invite your friends over and go crazy. Chinese food is the best idea in the fall because all you want to do is cozy up on the couch with a cornucopia of options. Yes, we just said cornucopia (we’re getting ready for Thanksgiving, ok?).

Don’t knock salads until you load them with vinaigrette, tons of protein and every single squash you can find on the menu. Just like that, a summer staple becomes a winter must-have. Don’t forget a plentiful amount of parmesan, feta or goat cheese on top.

While many of us are territorial of our sushi orders, a platter is the best way to get what you want while also sharing a meal with someone. You never know, you might find you love one of your fellow sushi-eaters rolls — and if you got a platter it’s free for the trying.

Pizza is the greatest food for sharing of all time.

Is that even a question?

I’m more of a nachos person…

Feeling adventurous? Eating Ethiopian food is essentially like wrapping yourself in a bright orange fleece blanket and diving into a pile of crisp fall leaves (too far?). You use injera (a flat sponge-y bread) to scoop up lentils, curries and meats, all using a very specific kind of utensil. Hint: the utensil is your hand.

When all you want for dinner is dessert, pie is the way to go. You know you have the perfect S.O. or roommate when you say you want pie for dinner and they shout back “What kind?” #RoomieGoals if you ask us.

Order something to share.

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