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What’s In Season On Grubhub?

With spring in full bloom, we’re looking to some of the tastiest fruits and veggies that are finally back in season to guide our ordering decisions. Check out these eats you can order on Grubhub, made from the season’s best.

Cherries are finally back in season, so that means we’re eating everything that might happen to include cherries, like a slice of cherry pie or other cherry baked treats. Order a slice of cherry pie here.

Yup, we’re about to get involved in the Hawaiian pizza debate. We warmly welcome it to any pizza party and celebrate the salty, sweet, cheesy flavor combo. With pineapples being a seasonal star right now, go ahead and join Team Hawaiian Pizza. Those extra sweet pineapple chunks might just steal the show and make you a pineapple pizza lover, after all. Order Hawaiian pizza here.

With artichokes back in season, we’re ready to order up these babies in a variety of preparations. Go for them on top of pizza, mixed into a creamy dip, tossed in a salad, or – our personal favorite – stuffed. Order artichoke dishes here.

Try out some broccoli pasta salad to take full advantage of this cruciferous veggie being in season. In the spring and summer months, we love broccoli raw, grilled, and mixed in just about everything. Order broccoli dishes here.

Finally, the time has come to switch out that traditional pico for a refreshing mango salsa. Top meats, fish, salads, and especially tacos with this refreshing mixture. Order mango salsa at a Mexican restaurant here.

Order these in season fruits and veggies on Grubhub.

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