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The Weirdest Food Facts We Could Find

People generally tend to stick to foods they are familiar with. But what deep, dark secrets has your food been hiding from you? From ears of corn being a mathematical phenomenon to apples being in the “rose” family, there’s a few weird food facts you *need* to know.

Oklahoma’s State Veggie

If someone asked you to guess what Oklahoma’s state vegetable is you’d probably say corn, potatoes, or maybe onions — but you’d be wrong. The official veggie of this Midwestern state is wonderful watermelon. Each year on the second Saturday in August, Rush Springs is home to one of the state’s largest watermelon festivals, dating back to 1948.

Not To Be Corny…

Everyone has a personal tactic when it comes to tackling corn straight off the cob, but did you know you could make your eating even more efficient with this little kernel of knowledge: corn grows with an even number of rows on the cob, generally 16. How convenient that most of us have 32 teeth to use to eat them (#MathIsCool).

Pound Cake, Literally

Pound cake has been a heavyweight of desserts for as long as we can remember, but its origin is not as well known. The cake has been baked since before reading was common in every household, so they kept the recipe simple: One pound of butter, one pound of sugar, one pound of eggs, and the flour? You guessed it, one pound.

A Rose By Any Other Name Would Be An Apple

Interestingly enough, apples (also pears and plums) belong to the same family as roses (yes, the flower!). Apples grow on the same family tree as roses due to the fact that both bear the same leaves. Various edible fruits and seeds all stem from the rose family as well.

That’s B-A-N-A-N-A-S

After learning these facts about bananas, we now believe that they are pretty much the superhero of fruit. Not only do bananas help prevent cramping from major athletes, but they can also help with depression. Bananas contain tryptophan which your body converts to seratonin. Serotonin is the neurotransmitter that helps keep you happy and feeling good. As if we needed another reason to go ape over bananas.

Now that you are armed with facts that will only pay off in a trivia round, order up!

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